Robotic/Custom knee replacement

At one. we are delighted to be one of the few clinics in the UK able to offer the very latest advances in both joint preservation and replacement techniques. If the severity of your arthritis indicates a partial or total replacement is required we can discuss all the potential options available. Recent advances in knee replacement surgery have allowed us to create a fully bespoke surgical approach to you knee.

Fully customisedConformis knee arthroplasty.

Traditional knee replacement surgery involves taking detailed intraoperative measurements of your knee and using a combination of off the shelf implants to best fit your anatomy. In the majority of cases this will be a very close match. However fully bespoke implants have been shown to better fit the patients knee reducing bone loss, post operative bleeding and swelling and preserving the natural joint line. In recent clinical studies the iTotal CR replacement demonstrated superior clinical outcomes, including better function and greater patient satisfaction compared to traditional ‘off the shelf’ prostheses.  The conformis process involves a specialised preoperative CT scan to define your bony anatomy and patented ‘iFit’ image to implant technology is then used to manufacture implants that are a perfect fit for your knee. This option is available for both total and partial ‘joint preserving’ replacements.

Robotic assisted knee replacement surgery

At one. we have access to the latest 'Mako robot' technology allowing us if required to perform robotic assisted partial and total knee replacement surgery. In certain circumstances use of navigation and the Mako robot allows us to position you knee implants more precisely reducing the chance of malalignment and subsequent implant failure.

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We believe a fully customised approach with enhanced PREcovery and postoperative tracking improves patient outcomes and increases the chances of getting you back to what you love doing sooner. If you feel you may benefit from personalised surgery please discuss it with our office team at the time of booking your initial appointment.