Ski Injury Clinic

If you have been injured skiing, at one. orthopaedics we have the expertise to manage all of your needs to recover and get back skiing as quickly as possible. Our expert team of physiotherapists and physicians will be able to guide your diagnosis and initial treatment and should your injury require a more complex approach, we have a team of highly skilled surgeons covering all aspects of the body.

Skiing injuries cover a broad range of problems from anterior cruciate ligament rupture through to shoulder dislocations and clavicle fractures.  We are able to provide a multidisciplinary approach to all injuries at our weekly ski clinic and have access to all of the necessary diagnostic tools on the same day.

For a rapid assessment and diagnosis on return from your holiday, please contact the office and request an appointment at our regular Tuesday ski injury clinic.

For patients with prior injuries or who are recovering from surgery, we also offer a highly specialised ‘return to ski’ programme where our expert doctors and physiotherapists will assess and guide you through a series of ski-specific programmes to reduce your chance or re-injury next season.

To book or for more information on our ski specific recovery programs please email