Cyclinig Clinic

At one. orthopaedics we offer a specialist cycling clinic with a purpose of both treating and preventing cycling related injuries and conditions. Our expert team of physiotherapists and doctors have a wealth of experience in treating both amateur and elite cyclists. Our cycling-specific clinic has access to the latest diagnostic tools and bike technology to both analyse your posture and positioning along with your biomechanics. We aim to treat any symptoms you may have, be it knee pain or lower back pain and also provide a full and detailed functional assessment with an associated strength and conditioning rehabilitation programme to reduce your risk of further injury as you return to cycling.

Our expert team have the ability to provide a gym-based rehabilitation protocol with appropriate strength and conditioning to focus on the areas of weakens particularly relevant to your cycling technique. We also offer a full bike assessment and bike fitting process to enhance your performance and reduce your risk of pain and discomfort in the future.

To book or for more information on our cycling specific recovery programs please email