At one. orthopaedics we aim to offer a higher level of musculoskeletal care. As such we are pleased to offer [one +] precovery to all our patients. The aim of [one. +] precovery is to enhance both the preoperative and postoperative experience, optimising surgical outcomes and your return to activity whilst reducing the potential for future injuries. Our multidisciplinary approach combined with personalised targeted rehabilitation plans and outcome monitoring means that we are at the forefront of musculoskeletal care.

The [one.+] precovery system includes a detailed preoperative assessment by one of our expert physiotherapists using video-based biomechanical analysis and the state of the art kneeKG system from Emovi, a Canadian based company.  Postoperatively patients receive advanced limb cooling and scar management systems and repeat functional assessments with video gait analysis to ensure optimum recovery and adjust your personalised rehabilitation programme to your precise needs.

We believe that [one.+] precovery, combined with our evidence based surgical practice provides gold standard care for your musculoskeletal problems and ensures you will make the best possible recovery.

If you would like more details on our enhanced precovery packages, please contact the office and we will gladly provide you with our protocols.