Injury prevention

At one. we have teamed up with a group of expert physiotherapists and podiatrists to offer a highly specialised injury screening and prevention programme. It is our belief that in the setting of sports injuries, prevention is better than cure. There is strong evidence in the literature to suggest that injury rates in sports men and women and in particular teenage athletes, are reduced significantly by pre-season and pre-match specific injury prevention training programmes.

Our team are able to work with both individuals and groups to provide tailored strength and condition programmes looking at sports specific, plyometric and endurance regimes.

We work closely with a number of schools and sports clubs to offer a broad range of programmes for teams of all ages over all sports.

If you are prone to injury or are returning to sport after surgery or a period of time out, our team will be able to provide a bespoke approach to your rehabilitation, minimising the chance of a new injury, improving performance and endurance.

For more information on our  injury prevention programs or our return to sports clinics please call or email